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Going broke buying steel?

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Need angle iron? These are discarded bed frames. I found them in the alleys and back roads where people tend to dump things. It's an acceptable source for angle iron if you are short of cash. If you are really strapped for sheet metal you can usually find large appliances, like refrigerators & freezers, in the same way.



Get to know your local RV repair shops and wrecking yards. Smaller RV shops are easier to get to know the right people in, once a contact is made you will find that a lot of RV owners abandon perfectly good appliances after the first little thing that goes wrong with them. I have a friend who owns a shop, I get a lot of good tips and advice there. I don't buy a lot of high priced RV parts from him, just enough to stay viable as a potential customer. I make referrals to his shop whenever I can to make up for the mooching and tip hounding, anything to grease the wheels a little.
RV parts are kind of scarce in wrecking yards, but its worth keeping vigil over for RV windows, maybe a nice range or holding tank for next to nothing. If its not a car part like an axle or tranny, a lot of these wrecking yard guys under price toilets, sinks, ranges and such.
Campers and fifth wheels are in every nickel ad and paper, these are a great source for the whole shopping cart full of needed bus appliances, stuff that would cost a fortune to buy separately. Don't scrap that RV undercarriage and axles when your done gutting it either my friend, throw a deck on it and sell it as a utility or snowmobile trailer! Recoup a little of your investment, fifth wheel campers convert into fifth wheel utility trailers very nicely!

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