The Floor plan



   Before I ever decided on a specific bus, I considered how the design of the bus would affect the way I could lay out a suitable floor plan. The location of the emergency exit was a major factor in my decision. I wanted this door to be in the rear of the bus so as to not limit the way I could use the wall space along the entire length of the cabin.

The rear section was the easiest for me to allocate, it seemed the natural place for the bedroom, the space measures approximately 8' x 8' with the emergency exit door handy for access to the back porch. This room will also a double for the living room, a futon will serve as both couch and bed.

The next big consideration was how to distribute the weight of the 80-100 gallon fresh water and  not so fresh holding tanks. There is a generator, propane tanks, batteries, a DC converter, a water heater and appliances to be balanced out in a convenient and useful way.

My wife does not travel well, scenery is something you go through to get there, forget everything between here and there because she will be sleeping or reading. In hopes of luring her up front with me while traveling, I have included a very comfy chair under a large window, in easy reach of the Bookshelf, stereo and TV. With the coffee also close by, , , who knows, we may have the opportunity to exchange some casual conversation along the way?

These rough drawings are pretty close to how I expect the interior to turn out. I have to admit though that I am a bit of a design as you go kinda guy. I start with a general plan, and don't mind if it evolves and grows along the way. 

                             floor2.gif (197874 bytes)

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