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So how much is it all going to cost?

I have a better question, why do you care? Someone recently commented that by the time I get done building this thing I would have been able to buy a motorhome with the money I've spent. Maybe so, but what value can you place on the creation of something interesting and useful? Maybe it's a guy thing? I don't think so, my wife and I have spent some good time together, here on this computer, in wrecking yards and in home stores picking out the various components that will make up our investment. What I am trying to say is, this a lot more than a motorhome. The dollars may add up, probably faster than I would care to admit, but the project itself has a life and a value of its own far beyond anything a balance sheet could describe!

Because I have had to put hobbies aside in order to devote more time and money to the bus project I am not going to add in the cost of tools and items such as sand paper or welding rod as I consider this to be disposable money I would have spent otherwise. I will list as best I can the major components as they come.

I should also mention that many of the components that will go into this project will be extracted from a fully self contained pick-up camper that I already own. I will take the water heater, refrigerator, converter, stove, ETC out of the camper and replace those parts with the bare minimums to keep the camper in saleable condition.  

* (5-16-99) Nope, can't do it! I keep trying to bring myself to gut the camper but I can't do it! It is still in serviceable condition and we have far too many memories centered around it. I have been having great success in scrounging up parts lately anyway. I just found a undercarriage mount LP tank and a two way refrigerator. The LP tank is 25 gallon and seems to be in good shape, the the fridge is a two door Duotherm and only needed a new control module which was preventing it from working on LP.

$150.00 / The Bus.

$600.00 /  Generator  (ouch) Hey, I needed a generator anyway! Its multi purpose, if the electricity ever goes out I can run the pump and stuff!

$200.00  / Wrecking yard visit #1. Six cool RV windows, a nice hinged door for my generator box, a sink, and an ice box.

$30.00 / 25 gallon LP tank.

$130.00 / Large two door refrigerator and repair parts.

$15.00 / Stainless bathroom sink w/ faucet & drain

Total to date = $1125.00

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