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Welcome to the super secret media page!

This is another little project my wife and I have always wanted to explore, , , ,Pirate Radio J. Yes, you may have heard right. We allegedly, may or may not, intend to install a low power FM stereo broadcasting studio. Another pipe dream loaded up and smoking! Hell, we never  really expected to buy the bus!

The media area of the bus will also include a comfy chair by a large window, along with a stereo,TV, bookshelf, ETC., should be plenty to keep my wife busy while I am driving.

We are both big fans of rock music and attend several concerts every year. Chances are that whatever song might be playing, if you tune to a classic rock channel, we have heard live in concert.  Anyway, this addition to the bus seemed like a logical extension to our mutual interest in the music world. I think we have something to contribute musically, politically and socially. The fact that I am a gadget fanatic might play into the idea somewhat as well.

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